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How to Raise Happy and Successful Children
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How to Raise Happy and Successful Children

Код товара : ІН-00002548

Автор : Esther Wojcicki
Издательство : ARROW BOOKS LTD
Год издательства : 2020
Язык : Англійська
Обложка : М'яка
Количество страниц : 294
Вес : 0.239
ISBN : 9781787462168
Формат : 128x197x19мм
Тип: Бумажная книга
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Аннотация  "How to Raise Happy and Successful Children", Esther Wojcicki

'Esther Wojcicki is leading a revolution . . . She shows us how to be our best so our children can be their best.' ARIANNA HUFFINGTON'A brilliant book.

It should be on the bookshelf of every parent.' FROST MAGAZINEBeing a parent is complicated - but the trick to succeed is simpler than you think Known as the Godmother of Silicon Valley, Esther Wojcicki's three daughters are all hugely successful in both their professional and personal lives.
What's her parenting secret? As we face an epidemic of parental and childhood anxiety, Woj has the advice every parent wants to hear- climb out of that helicopter and relax.

Her tried and tested TRICK approach will help you- Let your child discover their own passions Move on from past parenting mistakes Build rock-solid foundations for a lifelong relationship Be brave enough to give your child freedom Work with your children, not against them Set healthy relationships with technology Your children are the future.
If you change your parenting, you can change the world.

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