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Wall Games

Код товара: ІМ-00016791

Автор: Michael Dobbs
Издательство: HarperCollins Publishers
Год издательства: 1991
Язык: Англійська
Обложка: М'яка
Количество страниц: 368
Вес: 200
ISBN: 9780006176916
Формат: 112x172x26мм
Тип: Бумажная книга
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Аннотация "Wall Games", Michael Dobbs

From the No 1 bestselling author of HOUSE OF CARDS, a new-cover reprint of a highly acclaimed thriller of international intrigue that brilliantly captures the tense atmosphere of Berlin -- just before the wall came down. The dawn of glasnost. The thaw is slowly beginning as leaders in both East and West set out tentatively to build a new era of peace. Yet the people of Berlin are in no mood for diplomatic caution. Across the heart of their city still stands the monstrous construction of the Wall that has split them apart for a generation. They will fight to have it torn down, and to reunite their city -- just as there are those in Washington and Moscow who will use them to kill off the new flower of glasnost. Into the troubled city of Berlin comes Harry Benjamin, a young and irrepressible CIA agent. He hadn't planned on falling in love -- even less on that illicit love casting him as a pawn in this latest battle for Berlin...

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