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The Battlefront of Civilizations: Education in Ukraine

Код товара : ІЛ-00006209

Год издательства : 2015
Язык : Англійська
Обложка : Тверда
Количество страниц : 208
Вес : 0.333
ISBN : 9789665186854
Формат : 145x220x13мм
Тип: Бумажная книга
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Аннотация  "The Battlefront of Civilizations: Education in Ukraine", Сергій Квіт

The compendium of previously published articles, blogs, speeches, reviews, and essays of Serhiy Kvit is intended to inform a foreign audience about events and issues in Ukraine and related to Ukraine since 2008. Some of the blogs were published in University World News over 2012-2014. Other materials in this collection were published or presented to audiences in Australia, the US, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, Finland, Poland, Belgium, and, of course, Ukraine. The writing is divided into four sections: Ideology, University World News, The Meaning of University, and Hermeneutics and Mass Communications. The themes cover current developments, such as educational reform and the dramatic social changes of recent years, and more philosophical and global issues. As the oldest university in Ukraine and an institution that has led by example as both an agent and a catalyst for critical educational and social changes.

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О книге "The Battlefront of Civilizations: Education in Ukraine"


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