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Doggy the Wolf

Код товара: ІЛ-00002726

Издательство: Фоліо
Год издательства: 2018
Язык: Англійська
Обложка: Тверда
Количество страниц: 79
Вес: 0.487
ISBN: 9789660380394
Наличие иллюстраций: Да
Формат: 230x265x10мм
Тип: Бумажная книга
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Аннотация "Doggy the Wolf", Даша Вернова

Anyone who is not yet acquainted with Doggy the Wolf, upon picking up this book, will be sure that it`s a children`s book. And that will definitely be a mistake, because Doggy the Wolf has already been an internet hero for quite a while, and his life story is being actively followed by some very adult people. Yes, for sure, his unfolding life story, because that is exactly what Doggy the Wolf is up to, living, doing, being entertained, meeting friends, cleaning house, cooking in the kitchen... As well as complaining, enjoying, being dismayed, having his feelings hurt. Sometimes he feels as though he is a hero, other times, as though he is a dishrag. In other words, that is what his life is like. And this life of his is illustrated through the pictures of the wonderful artist, Dasha Vernova. It is thanks to her that Doggy the Wolf is on his way to becoming a favourite hero for many people. And you know why he is called that way? Open the book...

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