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The Wishing Game
Очікується з 28.03.2024
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The Wishing Game

Код товару : ІЛ-00032545

Автор : Меґ Шаффер
Видавництво : Jo Fletcher Books
Рік видання : 2023
Мова : Англійська
Обкладинка : М'яка
Кількість сторінок : 304
Вага : 0.393
ISBN : 9781529436273
Формат : 153x234x26мм
Тип: Паперова книга
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Анотація  "The Wishing Game", Меґ Шаффер

During a childhood marked by neglect and loneliness, Lucy Hart found solace in books, especially Jack Masterson's Clock Island series. Now a twenty-six-year-old teacher's aide, she has shared her love of reading with bright, orphaned seven-year-old Christopher Lamb. Lucy would give anything to adopt Christopher, but even the idea of becoming a family seems like an impossible dream without proper funds and stability.
Just when Lucy is about to give up, Jack Masterson announces he's finally written a new book. Even better, he's holding a contest at his home on the real Clock Island, and Lucy is one of the four lucky contestants chosen to compete to win the one and only copy.
For Lucy, the chance of winning the most sought-after book in the world means everything to her and Christopher. But first she must contend with ruthless book collectors, wily opponents, and the distractingly handsome (and grumpy) Hugo Reese, the illustrator of the Clock Island books.

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