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Sleeping Beauty. Book 2. Beauty’s Punishment
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Sleeping Beauty. Book 2. Beauty’s Punishment

Код товару: ІМ-00016401

Автор: Anne Rice
Видавництво: Little, Brown Book Group
Рік видання: 2012
Мова: Англійська
Обкладинка: М'яка
Кількість сторінок: 256
Вага: 180
ISBN: 9780751551044
Формат: 124x194x22мм
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An erotic novel of discipline, love and surrender from master storyteller Anne Rice.
This sequel to The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty resumes Beauty's explicit, teasing exploration of the psychology of human desire and seduction. Now Beauty, having indulged in a secret and forbidden infatuation with the rebellious slave Prince Tristan, is sent away. Sold at auction, she will soon experience the tantalizing punishments of 'the village,' as her education in love, cruelty, dominance, submission and tenderness is turned over to the brazenly handsome Captain of the Guard.
Once again Anne Rice's classic tale of pleasure and pain dares to explore the most primal and well-hidden desires of the human heart.
This is the second of Anne Rice's classic Sleeping Beauty trilogy.

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