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E-book: Tomorrow

Електронна книга (EPUB)

Електронна книга
80 грн
Паперова книга
104 грн

Код товару: ІЛ-00023565

Видавництво: Фоліо
Рік видання: 2022
Перекладна: Так
Мова: Англійська
Кількість сторінок: 128
ISBN: 9786175511749
Перекладач: Микола Дем'янов
Серія книг: Книжки війни
Тип: Електронна книга
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Анотація  "E-book: Tomorrow", Олександр Красовицький

The new book Tomorrow by Oleksandr Krasovytskyy is a dazzling prediction of forthcoming and distant events that will inevitably overtake the “evil empire” of the Russian Federation because of its infernal acts.
The characters of the three stories are so hyper-realistic and vivid that give you goosebumps: a propagandist weaving the plot of an alternate reality, a cynical and violent Secret Service officer, and an insane tyrant.
“Perhaps, it was these little people who led Europe to the start of a big war. They acted all over the world creating a parallel Universe not only for Russians, but also for Germans, Israelis, and Americans. They bribed politicians, made illegal political donations, meddled in social media to manipulate elections. Using economic leverage they forced a great number of different countries to sacrifice their interests”.
You might consider these stories dystopian, but then we all have been living in a dystopia for a long time.
This book is not about what happened in the past.

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