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Display. 2-D and 3-D Design for Exhibitions, Galleries, Museums, Trade Shows
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Display. 2-D and 3-D Design for Exhibitions, Galleries, Museums, Trade Shows

Код товару: ІМ-00013324

Автор: John Stones
Видавництво: Rotovision
Рік видання: 2008
Мова: Англійська
Обкладинка: Тверда
Кількість сторінок: 272
Вага: 1315
ISBN: 9782888930105
Формат: 231x231x28мм
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"Total Design Sourcebooks" is a new series that aims to round up the very best design solutions within a particular field. A mixture of case study and analysis, this series features inspirational ideas, concise interviews, innovative solutions, and imaginative imagery, all presented in a sophisticated, picture-led format, which will become a design studio must-have. By emphasizing the cross-disciplinary nature of today's design consultancies, and the greater role of collaboration between designers and firms with different skills and specialties, the "Total Design Sourcebooks" present an holistic approach to design, which accurately illustrates the way brands are designed and marketed these days. The first title in this exciting new series, "Display," includes 55 projects from galleries, exhibitions, museums, and trade shows. For each project, the total design is examined, including architecture, interiors, exhibition design, lighting, banners, branding, identity, interface design, packaging, and websites.

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