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500 Pasta Dishes
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303.28 грн
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500 Pasta Dishes

Код товару: ІМ-00012472

Автор: Valentina Sforza
Видавництво: Apple Press
Рік видання: 2013
Мова: Англійська
Обкладинка: Тверда
Кількість сторінок: 288
Вага: 580
ISBN: 9781845435011
Наявність ілюстрацій: Так
Формат: 154x160x28мм
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Of all the wonderful things that Italy has given the world, nothing is quite so special as a dish of perfectly prepared pasta. Italian cooking tends to involve the emotions, but nothing seems to provoke as much passion and fervour in a real Italian in the kitchen as his or her favourite pasta recipe. One of the many things that makes pasta so popular is its incredible versatility. It can be served in a soup, stuffed with a delicious filling, layered and baked, or tossed in a sauce. It can also be combined with fresh or cured meats, cheeses, vegetables, pulses, fish, and seafood. Even leftover pasta can be made into a tasty frittata. The book's emphasis is on being creative rather than complicated, so the ingredients are easy to get hold of and the instructions are straightforward.

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