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Beauty’s Release
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Beauty’s Release

Код товару: ІМ-00014599

Автор: Anne Rice
Видавництво: Little, Brown Book Group
Рік видання: 1988
Мова: Англійська
Обкладинка: М'яка
Кількість сторінок: 272
Вага: 223
ISBN: 9780751540918
Формат: 126x192x26мм
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Beauty has learned her lessons well. There are no pleasures that she hasn't given, no delights she hasn't known - but there can be no freedom for her. It means she must deny her body the joy it expects, the excitement it so desperately craves. Now as our story nears its end, Beauty meets the Prince of her dreams - the one man whose touch can release the torrential passions locked within her. And, as with the best of fairy tales, they are destined to live ecstatically ever after. Beauty's Release: her climactic adventure.

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