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Use Your Imagination

Код товару : ІЛ-00033622

Видавництво : Nosy Crow
Рік видання : 2015
Мова : Англійська
Обкладинка : М'яка
Кількість сторінок : 32
Вага : 0.258
ISBN : 9780857633927
Наявність ілюстрацій : Так
Формат : 230x290x6мм
Тип: Паперова книга
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Анотація  "Use Your Imagination", Нікола О'Бірн

Imagination knows no limits in this fairy tale with a twist by award-winning picture book creator, Nicola O'Byrne.
Rabbit is BORED and doesn't know what to do, but Wolf has the perfect solution: "Why not write a story?" he suggests. Well, Rabbit is just delighted - what a brilliant idea! And so Wolf teaches Rabbit to use his imagination to create the perfect story with lots of exciting props and interesting characters. Rabbit is DESPERATE to know what happens when it suddenly becomes clear that Wolf is very hungry - so THAT'S how the story ends! But Wolf hasn't reckoned on Rabbit's brilliant imagination and, in a final clever twist with a big fold-out surprise page, Rabbit sends that wily wolf into space. "Now, THAT was a good idea," says Rabbit.
Just like the mouse in the Gruffalo, the clever rabbit cunningly outwits the big bad wolf.
With a large, fold-out rocket page! Poor old wolf, he never saw it coming!
From the winner of the Waterstone's Children's Book Prize 2014.

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