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Five Children and It (Wordsworth Children's Classics)
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Five Children and It (Wordsworth Children's Classics)

Код товару : ІМ-00014798

Автор : Едіт Несбіт
Видавництво : Wordsworth Editions
Рік видання : 1999
Мова : Англійська
Обкладинка : М'яка
Кількість сторінок : 192
Вага : 0.141
ISBN : 9781853261244
Формат : 126x192x10мм
Серія книг: Wordsworth Children's Classics
Тип: Паперова книга
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Анотація  "Five Children and It (Wordsworth Children's Classics)", Едіт Несбіт

Its eyes were on long horns like a snail's eyes... it had ears like a bat's ears, and its tubby body was shaped like a spider's and covered with thick, soft fur... and it had hands and feet like a monkey's.
`It' was the Psammead, the grumpy sand-fairy that could, if in the mood, grant a wish a day. When the five children befriend him they find that each wish granted often has a sting in its tail. Golden guineas are too difficult to spend, wings let them down in a most inconvenient way, and when they wish for Red Indians, the children forget that they can sometimes be a little warlike.
Generations of children have come to love the fantasy and the whimsy of the stories in the classic book from the author of The Railway Children.

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