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50 Ultimate Sports Cars

Код товару : ІЛ-00025905

Видавництво : Taschen GmbH
Рік видання : 2021
Мова : Англійська
Обкладинка : Тверда
Кількість сторінок : 512
Вага : 1.314
ISBN : 9783836591669
Наявність ілюстрацій : Так
Формат : 156x217мм
Серія книг: 40th Edition
Тип: Паперова книга
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Анотація  "50 Ultimate Sports Cars"

The stories behind 50 of the world’s most spectacular sports cars.

For the seasoned car collector or the awestruck newcomer, this volume is the consummate sports car anthology. Bringing together 50 of the most exquisite, desirable, and adrenaline-charging sports cars of all time, it recounts the enthralling endeavors in automotive design and engineering in pursuit of optimum dynamic performance for both road and track. This expertly curated roundup of glorious, high-speed two-seaters includes both all-out sports racers as well as their street-legal homologated brethren. Indeed, some of the most desirable cars across all auto-collecting genres are from the glorious golden era of sports car racing, which existed up until the late 1960s. In that time, gentleman privateers would drive their cars to a competition event, such as the famous 24 Hours of Le Mans, race them hard—perhaps winning their class or even the race—before coolly driving them home again.

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