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The Wizard of Oz. L. Frank Baum
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The Wizard of Oz. L. Frank Baum

Код товару : ІМ-00119936

Автор : Френк Баум
Видавництво : White Star
Рік видання : 2019
Мова : Англійська
Обкладинка : Тверда
Кількість сторінок : 80
Вага : 0.806
ISBN : 9788854415591
Наявність ілюстрацій : Так
Формат : 240x305мм
Тип: Паперова книга
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Анотація  "The Wizard of Oz. L. Frank Baum", Френк Баум

The first edition of The Wizard of Oz, Lyman Frank Baum's masterpiece, was published in 1900. Since then, generations of young readers have followed little Dorothy and her dog Toto on their intrepid journey through the wonderful world of Oz, into which the girl is thrown by a tornado. Along the way, Dorothy makes some odd friends who help her tackle dangers and adversity: the Scarecrow, the Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion, characters who, along with the Wicked Witch of the West, the winged monkeys and the powerful and mysterious Oz, have become icons of our collective imagination. The incredible success of this work has inspired new stories for children set in the world of Oz, musicals and numerous movie adaptations, of which the 1933 version, starring Judy Garland, stands out. This book, an adaptation of the original text, is enhanced by stunning illustrations by Manuela Adreani, an artist of rare sensitivity capable of recreating the imaginary kingdom of the great and terrible wizard Oz with her drawings...

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